The Real World

Long nights, short doses

Truth never smiles in poses

Exposing, all that’s seemingly unbroken

Opening closet doors, airing words unspoken

Truth requires you to comprehend

The more, the less you understand

Mania, lessons over again

Wealthy and wisdom, honest friends

Lonely nights, give world vision

Future in sight, new mission

Turn the heat up high, Hell’s Kitchen

Turn the light up bright, free religion

Friends are rarely friendly

Real love is hard candy

Rock Bottom, cue plan B

Psalms come in handy

We elect hidden agendas

Poor lives, big spenders

Takers, stingy givers

The baby’s still Brenda’s

The Hate You Give, the love you doubt

Heal your soul, life’s discount

Second chances, lost and found

Forgive yourself, ultrasound

Our elders are our better halves

Neglect them, now our world’s gone mad

Daddy issues, marry dead beat dads

Prayer closet, grandma’s knees blood red

The Billboard Top Five, baseless instrumentals

No originality, they’re used stencils

The youth make mistakes but hate pencils

Silver spoons and common utensils

The 90s gave us 2020 vision

We found out what happens…

When people stop being polite…

and start getting real.