Touch free, Tease free

Vices hold easily.

Shame is a rose thorn, wrapped in designer linen.

Embarrassed by the gloss, of smeared glam smitten.

Strange is high fashion, six inches of ego.

The mirror shatters, the deeper within you go.

The bronze medallion goes unnoticed.

The gold medal was stolen.

Sinners, beware.

Liars, be true.

We hate what we can’t understand.

So which of us, will inherit the promise land?

Freedom is costly, the insurance is truth.

Queer is irrational, some think immune.

There is reasonable doubt, on the straight and narrow.

You’re motif in a crowd, a free spiritual.

I’ve got 21 questions, for every straight man.

How many would answer, raising their right hand?

Truth is ugly, lies are gorgeous.

Bittersweet tea, on southern porches.

Hate is love perverted.

So how can man be certain –

The refelction they see, is the honest version?

Nothing is hidden from The Man unseen.

Are we on the right side, or lying in between?

Love is transcendent, it can’t be bound.

Gay is lost art, married women have found –

charged several times on a debit card in Toronto.

buried under Vegas receipts inside of a pant hole.


Can it be chosen?


In the eye of beholder?

Mystery is sexy, it’s complex.

Opposites attract, social rejects.

Who among us is happy, Mirror Mirror on the wall?

Priest, cue the harpist, many lie by default.

How many unsolved mysteries, will our familes take?

When will “Billy” come terms with his “frequent mistake”?

Why won’t “Judy” leave him and expose her fears?

Why won’t “Derrick” get lost, blood dripping with tears?

This triangular love, is three dimensional.

Every angle, conformist, all “non conventional”.

Love is the winning hand.

Hateful hearts, misunderstand.

They play their privilege in the united stance.

Who among us can cast the first stone?

Open your closets, unbury your bones.

Ask the right questions, and you might figure out –

None of us are closer to the answer we scout.

Until condemnation finds its proper destination,

we’ll shed a million tears in this “righteous nation”.

At the pearly gates, let’s all bare witness –

Let our knees bow, to all of our unfitness.