Catching your breath, fretting your life.

Failure to launch, no heart to fight.

These dreams scare your potential into quintessential.

They’re the rhythm and blues to your heart’s instrumental.

They’re the wrecking ball to every fear and master plan.

The relentless chase, few understand.

Dreams glow in the dark, when thoughts turn off your light.

Filling our woes, drafting our future despite-

lovers that drag our ambitions to lower frequencies.

self esteem attacking our hope unequivocally.

Legacy, the highest honor.

You share your soul, Sinéad O’Connor.

More beautiful than a valley of a thousand lilies-

your power, your strength, and your soul’s achilles.

Open the chest, lying dormant inside of you.

Dig up the key, you believe defines you.

Unlock the box, or bust right through.

The sky isn’t the limit. It’s broken truth.

Destiny can’t be defined.

Some meet her early, others take their time.

Some never know, she’s their guiding light.

Others die, blind to her power inside.

Late at night when all the world is sleeping –

The invisible stay up and think of you.

There’s a job to do, it’s time to clock in.

The grave shift is over, new life begins.