The Good Cry

Dear Universe, please slow down.

My mind just turned up the heat.

Life, do send a sign now.

I’m edging at claiming defeat.

Bridges are burning, tables are turning-

This chapter, the law of motion.

My wounds are learning, my heart’s discerning-

Emotionally scarred, my passion’s inertia.

I thought I was on a one-way street,

but now I’m standing at a crossroad.

The road less traveled is calling me,

but I don’t want to answer the phone.

The clock ticks toward compassion.

Time weights on all men.

My fears are out of fashion.

I’m center stage, pull back the curtain.

Demons are screaming behind me.

I try to keep tuning them out.

The light at the end is blinding.

Looking ahead, my spirit’s in doubt.

I’m talking, but my feet keep walking.

My soul knows what I must do.

Fore, living without a purpose-

is dying not knowing your truth.

My surroundings begin to shape-shift.

Enemies turn to grains of sand.

My old life, it no longer exists.

The timing, was this all planned?

Familiar was my best company.

It taught me how to live by design.

My old self keeps haunting me.

I keep going back to visit her shrine.

I wanted to be a Huxtable.

I wanted the love – the sense of belonging.

Past pains are combustible.

My fear and my faith, divine ping ponging.

If the game of life was meant to be won –

why don’t I know the objective?

If Christ says the battle is done-

Why can’t I shift my perspective?

Surrendering to the unkown –

is step one in the realm of destiny.

Giving your dreams a new home –

in the soul, is the sweetest melody.

Loving yourself is a perpetual cycle.

You own your regrets and rally for truth.

The mirror was meant for more than Michael.

The smoke clears, it’s you versus you.

I tripped a month ago, and today I fell,

but I won’t take my feet off the path.

My tears started dripping hours ago,

but now, all I can do is laugh.

My faith, outlasts.