The perfect storm

Chaos struck.

Evil flurried, and darkness trampled.

Tears pitter pattered on tin roofs.

Air grew thick, fear rumbled.

The sun withdrew from the colombus inevitable.

Uncertainty whisped through the neighborhoods.

Silence spoke.

Angst pummeled the streets of humanity.

The tempest was upon us, but the sirens didn’t blare.

Masks fortified our true nature.

Fourty days of 400 years of precipitation.

In a cataclysm of despair, the air grew to a chill.

A sacrificial lamb, slain.

The truth battered against storm cellars.

Hail pelted through sun rooms.

Pain flooded the streets.

Torrential weeping streamed down black and white buildings.

Justice roared.

Knees bowed in puddles of plasma.

Change was a monsoon.

The mercy of mother’s nature drizzled across the land.

The sun broke through the clouds of affliction.

And all the colors of the world marched across the sky.

Hope was on the horizon.