Fire from within

Our city’s burning, but it’s not ours

Our country’s bleeding, and our skin shows scars

The street is paved in black and white, but only the free see color

Mother Nature is furious, each day has a number

Give my country back, it was black when we found it

Tell people facts, The Almighty already crowned us

Let there be light

We were kings and queens when you drowned us

Someone pick up the mic

We are not background music

Let the altos spike

Your words are violins, therapeutic

The truth has a subtle sound

Then the thunder rumbles

Lightning strikes the soul

Enlightened minds, wonder

We’ve got to ask ourselves

What have we done lately?

Other than respond to evil

Passed from generations daily

Let the tears drop cold

Let them moisten your soul

Listen to the old

Inside their eyes, you’ll find dignity

Sitting next to sacrifice, that gives you serenity

Martin told us, and X gave us a handbook

But only to the ones not in denial, to look

There’s a target painted right on your soul

There’s a relevance your heart may never know

Hope, is screaming from the future generation

The past, is weeping from our hesitation

You are not hallucinating, the past and present are colliding

The only question that remains, is why is it surprising?

We feel it everywhere, it’s in our minds, it’s in our eyes

Too many of us took the blue pill, and laid down with the blind

God gave us the earth, and for us to have dominion

We give it back every time, we muzzle our opinions

Hate should be forgiven, but it should never be buried

The weeds multiply, and that’s the start of Adam’s story

Heaven is a mindset

We let go every time we regret –

Being exactly who we are

and to our souls we owe a debt

But we’ll never have to pay

The cross has been laid

Waft the fire within!

Welcome the Black Crusade.