Deep breaths

Hold it in

Clench your fists

That way you won’t give in


…on anything

Anything other than…that

Brace yourself

The next one is busting through

Let the sweat drip

Even if it pours on you


Don’t you dare stop gritting your teeth

Remember your favorite day

Keep that memory on repeat

Don’t look him in the eye

That’s all you’ll remember

But it’s okay to cry

That’s what he’ll remember

He won’t stop until you do

His unleashing you’ll hinder

Don’t put this thought away

Don’t you dare suppress

Remember the pain

Stay steady in your distress

It’s the only way you’ll know

Who you’re not meant to be

It’s the only way you’ll go

To places told you couldn’t be

Is my womanhood wrapped around another man’s ego?

Are my dreams playing Yurima on the piano?

Romeo never meant for this love song

Juliet never saw her discourse last this long

My cheeks are red

My heart is shocked

My past is present

My future is gridlocked

Three minutes took away a lifetime

In Twenty two years , I never wrote this valentine

Power is a five letter word

I know because I counted

Over and over

His grunts were absurd

For everyone dreaming on your romantic fantasy

Set your sights on an unimaginable galaxy

Don’t stop at the moon

Don’t you dare stop at Pluto

You keep your heart set on a dream more expensive than any billionaire that you know

Put a price tag on your soul and then rip it to pieces

Never let anyone pay a toll

Not even for millionaire teases

Your love is extraordinary

No matter the bank roll a man carries

I would give my life back to save any woman from this homicide

I would backtrack to keep your eyes from this detrimental cry

When you marry, marry the worst scenario

And make sure it’s worth every Picasso…