Hello, Mother.

Where should we start?

Should I thank you for life?

Should I be grateful for everything I know?

Should I smile as the fruit grows?

We’re thankful for life.

We’re happy we have love.

Are you thankful for us?

We’ve done a lot with our time.

The Mayans told us to expect historical things right now and I wish we could tell them thank you, too.

Some of us are not doing okay.

We thought we made it, but I guess we had some things to learn.

Do you miss us?

Sometimes I wonder if you feel guilty.

Sometimes I wonder if you felt the break…

Did sin break your heart?

I wish we knew more.

I wish we paid attention.

We’ve accomplished so much but still have potential.

We’ve lost our way, Mom.

I want to celebrate your day but I don’t know if we’ve forgiven you, yet.

We don’t know what our lives could have been.

We don’t know if we would’ve prevailed.

Would we have eaten the fruit?

Would we deny the Apple?

We’ve got questions for Dad, too.

We want to know if he had a chance.

We want to know if your matrimony was worth our suicide.

We’re our own testimony.

We never gave up.

All of your heirs are fighting.

We can’t decide who deserves it more.

Even our brothers and sisters forget we’re a unit.

I think we’re still searching for self.

There’s holes in our history.

We have truths we haven’t accepted yet.

There’s some things you didn’t teach us yet.

We’re existing by our own wit.

It’s never enough for us.

We’re trying to fill this void.

We always want to know why.

We’re running out of time.

Our next life keeps whispering in our ears.

No man knows the day nor the hour.

We need to remember our Power.

Happy Mother’s Day.

No hard feelings.

To God be the Glory.