Fall of Man

Can you feel it?

The wind beneath our feet?

It’s picking up now

The angst grits our teeth

There’s no control now

Our favorite song is on repeat

We’re in limbo now

We didn’t look before we leaped

It’s coincidental, the life we’ve bore

The mistakes we made

Apple’s rotten to the core

History prostitutes hope

But we keep going back

The future gardens the soul

Life feels like a snack

What’s going on here?

Life’s thrills turned thriller

Why am I alone here?

Am I to be killed or The Killer?

If it’s my time to go, why didn’t life say goodbye?

If I’m on my way home, why won’t my tears let me cry?

Who turned up the brightness?

Why can’t I see anymore?

Is the old world behind us?

Why does my heart feel sore?

When I’m gone light a candle

Leave it going until it quits

I want to be remembered

My light shined until it didn’t

Let the truth be told

We were uncontrollably erratic

Our hearts loved Y.O.L.O

And our goals were sporadic

We had no focus

The system shielded our fantastic

Lying to self, is the greatest sport in history

You’re convinced you’re okay, while your soul’s a mystery

The mirror is there, but the fog hides the shadows

You drive along, and forget the speed bumps and potholes

If the Anti Christ showed up in all of their glory

Would we even know the difference? or would we have a similar story?

Would they look like us? Would our hearts know the difference?

If given the choice, would we take the chip or God credentials?

I’m asking questions that are most pertinent now

I’m taking stances that cause me to walk away from crowds

But for my mind to rest and my soul to be at peace

Can we move forward without looking before we leap?

The fall is steep.