What do you want me to say?

I’m mad. I’m sad. I feel guilty?

What part of existence do you portray?

The lesser known, the filthy?

Humanity, you chose to betray?

Our economy, you’re milking.

Everyday is Groundhog Day.

Our thoughts, slightly tilting.

Is today a new day, U.S.A?

I feel our hope slowly wilting.

All we can do is pray.

On our knees. Are we willing?


I washed my hands today.

My mind and soul felt cleaner.

I decluttered my closet today.

I realized, my grass isn’t any greener.

I called my grandma today.

If she told you her age, you wouldn’t believe her.

I did a workout today.

The weight on my shoulders felt leaner.

I let up the blinds today.

Gazed outside, grabbed my espresso from the steamer.

I did yoga today.

Only positivity can feed her.

I let go of some of my old ways.

Quarantine. My Redeemer.