It’s inspiring

The lights that form around me

It’s enlightening

My heart gently pounding

It’s resounding

I laugh away the doubt in me.

It’s no wonder why my heart beats slower than it should

Like a distant thunder, my fear pummels like a flood

I’m constantly doubting my higher power

It’s the monster in me, trying to shade the flower

I’m happily nestled next to my inner tranquility

I’m grappling with the coward that’s steering me

I’m not who I once was, I’ve realized

I’ve washed my hands with my past crud, semi sterilized

Circles – round and round, which path will I choose?

Destiny – found and crowned, I’ll come out bruised.

It’s necessary to find your truth on your own.

It’s secondary, to find your jewels upon the throne. That, you’ve already owned.

I’m camouflaged by the truth that surrounds me.

I’m tranquilized by the Spirit, it surprises me.

I’ll never be a winner until I give in.

I’ll soon be thinner, I’m linked in.

I’m giving up my inordinate alliances.

I’m divvying up my spiritual allowances.

It’ll all be well with my soul.

It’s to dispel the HELL that’s taken its toll.

I’m going home.