I wonder when it will kick in

I wonder when I’ll feel it rumble

I wonder when my thoughts will stop the ruckus

I wonder when I can get back to focus

It’s a constant prayer

It’s a constant bleed

But all I want is to see serene

I’m ready for it now

The thunder

I’m ready for it now

Too long asunder

I’m happy that it finally came

I’m happy no matter the time

When it all makes sense, it’s all sublime

I’ve transcended to the peak

I’ve flown higher, unafraid to sink

It’s beauty when you know you’re right where you need to

It’s impermeable, the gleam too

It’ll rattle your brain if you try to understand

Surrender your mind and it’s the promise land

I’ll wink at you when I see you make it through

With every gregarious wrinkle, you’ll know and feel it too

It’s the moment you know your present worries are no more

It’s the moment you realize new sights are in store

Love, Galore