It’s restless here.

I can hear my own voice.

It’s simple here.

I came without a choice.

I hate it here.

But it’s the therapy I need.

It’s righteous here.

After you grieve, belief’s a seed.

This place is called home.

Here alone is where you’ll find me.

This place is the soul.

My worst fears and I are fighting.

I changed my mind this time.

It can’t be all that frightening.

I want my soul to rest.

I want to come back to life, strike lightening.

It’s humble here.

Secrets are in my eyes.

No mumbles here.

Even your cries can’t lie.

I always feared here.

Abandonment darkens the sky.

I’m on my own here.

The only burden I have is time.

It’s time to clean up the place.

Paint the floors and the ceiling.

This time I won’t turn my face.

New deck, I’m dealing.

This place is called mine.

Here I get in touch with all of my feelings.

This place will shine.

The key is mine for the killing.

God’s will straightens the spine.

No words, just feeling.