The pull

Pull me up, friend.
Pull me down, foe.
Down to Earth, friend.
Up my ego, foe.

Revolutionary at the brink, Cosmic triumphant.

Martyr of fake smiles, Kissing little whiles into indefinite release.

Giving all that you said you’d believe in.

Being all that you love.

Societal Cancer casts judgement, disease makes constant announcements to the above-mentioned terrorist.

Decidedly impactful, fatefully parasitic are the woes of our consciousness, eliminating imaginative emblems.

Be all that you can be and cast the rest aside.

Believe all that you can’t handle, roll the rest to the tides.

Shine your finest, smile your tightest, and press into your brightest dreams.

Let the sun sit still in your eyes.

Hold your gaze longer than it feels right.

Kiss them on the cheek and forehead.

Grab them tighter than the time beforehand.

Say yes to prayer.

Bless the naysayer.

You are your proof.

Let the jewels free everytime YOU gleam through.

It’s instant ratification to foreign concepts.

It’s instant ramification to societal conquests.

Seize your giants and they’ll never control you.

Rectify true alliances or they’ll have a hold on you.

Forgiveness said it best, “I’ll give you peace.”

Revenge counters back, “I’ll spread your disease.”

Give it all and give in to your favorite person and pastime.

Stand true through every hard time.

Be diligent in your affairs but leave the rest above you.

Experience every tear, if you don’t they’ll find you.

Challenge your soul to a dual of integrity.

Never throw the white flag, or it’s inspiration that’ll Samson you.

Figure out you and do it better than your fascination.

Clock’s ticking, procrastination.