Rock the boat, I’m the captain.

Sing a song, you’re the Muse.

Heal my wounds, you’re the philanthropist.

Secure the path, I’m the visionary.

We’re dope and you know it.

You’re walls are crumbling and it shows.

The lights are brighter.

Your charm is magnetic.

My soul is light.

Fate told me we had to see it through.

Destiny yelled back, this journey is new.

My heart was silent, it already knew.

My thoughts surrounded my feelings and smiled too.

Early stages are most critical.

They’re the tone of voice.

Are we yelling now?

Are we whispering our feelings?

Do we speak with enthusiasm?

Can we hear each other’s tears?

Are we speaking over each other?

Are we loud enough?

Am I speaking too softly?

Can you speak up?

Let’s just sit here quietly…please.

One foot in the water, but it’s deep.

One foot on solid ground, but I’m losing my grip.

Did you slip?

Did I fall?

Are we in control at all?

Can you hear it now…the beat’s getting louder.

You could easily take my breath, but I keep holding it in.

I take it and remember the past.

I take it and realize it’s all I have.

If you’re reading this it’s too late.

If you’re reading this get ready for the sunrise.

If you’re reading this you were supposed to.

I’m waiting to exhale into you.