Pull up a chair.

Make sure you’re all ears.

This one, you won’t want to diss.

It’s all -you- now and everyone’s waiting for the finer pic.

Be glad you have that…support.

The one thing people envy when life is distort.

Be grateful a chair was given to you.

The good are always a last resort.

Last, but first on their mind.

First to the blind.

First to the few.

First to the souls that never knew –

Self care is Delaware to most.

We know it’s there, but where do we find it?

When do we have time to?

It’s an insatiable enmity of my crying booth.

Strap up, it’s a bumpy crime, anytime this ride is elevating through.

You’re killing off anything that deters birthing new.

It’s war here.

Not all make it out to thrive.

Out your mind, just in time.

Bury yourself and insist flowers.

Say your last good cries.

Peace is the last battle cry.