Is that why we can never see it through?

Is that why I’m procrastinating on any – too?

Too much hardiness.

Too much starting this.

Anything too far.

Show me a scar, and I’m leaving.

Show me yourself and I’m steeping.

Never half stepped but a wine press and I’m anywhere but there.

I swear.

The truth is daunting and souls are haunting.

Anything real is too great a deal.

Shop more, worry less.

Post more, no distress.

Congress makes me fret… anything worth standing for.

Ask for more..and you’ve got everything superficial.

It’s residential, this gleam of highly created credentials.

It’s true, the way we thought…this world would be surrounded.

Even worse, the candidness, of anything doubted.

Be aware, if you’re spared, you’ve articulated the proof –

that everyone around you is just as scared as you.

Veils perfect hell – it’s the best way to go.

That’s only if you consent to the annihilation of soul.

It’s known. Half of our consciousness is dependent on interaction.

It’s a fraction of our general aesthetic and solemn cosmetics – it’s the brevity of beauty, in it’s own.

Take a comb, and review anything inside of you that’s worth leaving, but leave behind the truth.

It’s dew – dropping on life that lives beyond… It’s con.

Pro – to the living.

Pro – to the giving.

Pro – anything that states we are who we create.

Be anything you want to be – isn’t that what they said?

If we were dead, acknowledge everything that bled.

Keep note of all instances of when you fought to be fool proof.

Rest assure, it’s a snag and we keepsake a tooth.