Cry if you want to – it makes all the difference.

Tension has a source, but withheld, it’s remorse.

Choice is voice – give it to all of your vices.

Twice paid over is the rent of your spark. Take heart and you’ll rule as the impossible Champion.

A Mad World we decided? It’s never not been.

Then again, how in a world can chaos blend?

It’s unbound to stand out.

Love has no limits and yet it’s in you.

So why then should we feel Power is new?

There’s room for everyone on this Discovery channel.

The canal for dreams and wonders can be crowded by cowards.

Unaware of their own mess, leaving the rest to guess.

I suspect, it’s the plausible relief. If we give in to greed, to whom shall we seek?

If we hold a glance so long as to see beyond the eye, there’s miracles of triumph showing we’re still alive.

What’s hope without despair?

Depravity without abundance?

Faint without heart?

It’s insanity, and that’s the pillar of smart.

Life will derail you, it makes a finer – you.

It’s blessings times two.

We bleed to make it through.