Perhaps we aren’t blind at all..

Perhaps we’re only motivated by crapshoots and jealous booze because that’s all we can stand.

Maybe on the other hand we’d rather play it close. Maybe it’s best we take off our hat but leave on our coat.

It’s admiral of sorts – this kind of perplexing. We’re only unsure about the unseen and that’s the start of a broken heart.

We brave our smarts and give truth an ugly start. We take a glimpse behind our veil and realize it’s what we always knew – yet another love story, the inevitable lesson.

Blessings surround our highest guesses. It’s the faith that works. I’ve always wondered why a love hurts.

Truly incredible guises churn our inner loins. You never know what demons you haven’t dealt with.

Smart or dumb. Cousins to sadness. It’s only resolute when you make your peace.

How can I make a broken love serene?

The trick is if you dare.

You must visit there – the place you’ve always known – there’s never a word but the truth spoken here.

Your complaints crowd around, your worry cries, anger rants, and the only trustee is the silence of your heart.

It’s clear there. Somehow you know.

You know in the center of your highest self, your lower one must always be acknowledged. It’s respect for the past.

It’s a clash and a violent mess – but it’s what you need. With every visit, your last trek loses traction. Gravity hasn’t no place in this Western world. It’s constant revolution and fear is resolute. It’s the only thing you understand.

These Badlands have the ability to claim a new promise for life.

You – just have to be the pioneer of a love known but never experienced – home.

Even in a vast world, we’ve always felt alone.

It’s a constant pursuit of cerebral infinity, this place.

The trail crumbs of a broken heart led you to the place you can call home – the soul.