Afterwards and Before

Say no more.

It’s hardly what we do, it’s what we notice. Our eyes rarely play tricks, that’s the mind’s workshop. Subtleties define character. Mannerisms bridge gaps and judgement seals the cracks for all of our wonders.

We never really know someone. We know about them. Knowing is paying attention. Knowing is caring enough to notice how they look at you before they ask a question and the expression they give afterwards. It’s incredible how many wrinkles a smile takes with it. The feeling afterwards is written on the grin that remains.

Love imitates life that breathes art.

Knowing is possessing the artist’s eye, or rather the heart. Knowing is the power pushing your steps further down the aisle of unforeseen circumstances. It’s not the message in the vow, but the passion behind every word. It’s the expression afterwards.

Life imitates art that breathes love.

Every brushstroke. Every rant. Every argument. Every slant. Bold acrylic gradients. Showers of love. Shades of maroon. Tests of trust. Tri color blotches of ambiguous streaks. Breakups and makeups, become sheen. Masterpieces are only, afterwards.

Before you notice, you believe. It’s only afterwards, that you know.