Live for

Have you ever been there? I think we all have. Uncertainty and Destiny meet there and hang out. We’re invited and realize we’ve got to make a decision. It’s an incredible feeling – this gift – of change.  We’ve always anticipated it, and with a blink, it emerges like we’ve suddenly been taken a back, although all the signs were there…all the while. We don’t get many moments, especially like this. They are a gentle tap requiring a leap of faith. Why is that? A transition so profound, seemingly requiring so much, yet demanding so little of us. 


We’ve got it.

I think it’s in all of us. Careful, still. We examine. We must chew before we swallow, look before we swing, gulp before leap. The point where the upside down is preferable because it’s the closest we’ve got to truth. Womanhood. Fatherhood. Sisterhood. Brotherhood. Citizenship.

Change, changes us.

That’s what we’re so afraid of.